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Every piece for The Office is hand-crafted from salvaged or reclaimed lumber. This attention to forest stewardship allows me to craft one of a kind pieces. There was only one set of book-ends I made from an oak newel post (pictured) I salvaged from a Back Bay remodeling job. The items pictured are Sold Out. I am in the shop crafting more beautiful pieces for The Office from newly acquired lumber I’ve salvaged from multi-million dollar remodeling jobs around the city of Boston.

caring for your aberdeen wood shop office pieces

Aberdeen Wood Shop Office pieces are finished with several coats of a low VOC oil and urethane varnish. The final coat is a beeswax mixture that gives the pieces a luxurious feel. To renew the look and feel of your pieces apply a beeswax finish (found at any hardware/home goods store) as needed.

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The only market I participate in is the Allston/Brighton Winter Market sponsored by the Harvard Ed Portal. I’m honored to show my work here for six years. The 2022 virtual market features creatives from the ABC’s of Boston: Allston, Brighton, and Cambridge. Check out my fellow artists and makers at the Allston-Brighton Winter Market.

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