Michael McInnis

Design Portfolio and Pricing Guide

digitally Handcrafted

We can laugh about the irony of handcrafting a book cover on a computer. For me, designing books, whether for the ICA Boston, or small independent publishers, is like making a cutting board or lamp. Each starts with an idea, an image or mood, a sense of place and function. I may keep sharp chisels and a computer in seperate toolboxes, but both feel like extensions of my hands.
Advertising, 'New Histories' catalog · Client : ICA Boston
Interior page, 'Boston School' catalog · Client : ICA Boston
Book Cover : Waiting for an Answer by Heather Sullivan,  Nixes Mate Publications
Book Cover : Atomic Time by Elissa Rashkin, Nixes Mate Publications
Book Cover : Anthology 2016-17, Nixes Mate Publications
Book Cover : Air & Other Stories by Lauren Leja, Nixes Mate Publications
Interior page, 'Frieze' catalog · Client : ICA Boston
Catalog · Client : Nixes Mate Publications
Catalog Cover · Client : Nixes Mate Publications
Broadside : Resourceful by Pris Campbell, Nixes Mate Publications
Pamphlet Cover · Client : Primal Publishing
Broadside : Galilei by Mari Deweese, Nixes Mate Publications
Book Cover : Nike Adjusting Her Sandal by Anastasia Vassos, Nixes Mate Publications
Book Cover : Textures by Norm Usher, Primal Publishing
Book Cover : Secret Histories by Michael McInnis, Cervena Barva Press
Book Cover : In the Lee by Poplar Comeau, Primal Publishing
Catalog Cover · Client : ICA Boston
Chapbook Cover : In the Year of Ferraro by Jennifer Marttelli, Nixes Mate Publications
Album Cover : Static + Silence by d'Entremont, Secret History Records
Book Cover : Banana Bread by J.D. Scrimgeour, Nixes Mate Publications