Michael McInnis

Designer · Writer · Composer · Woodworker · Raconteur · Veteran

Let’s talk

about the feel of a matte finish book cover, of the smell of a freshly trimmed walnut cutting board, and of the space that harmony inhabits when it enlists silence and poetry.

words + music

Listen to sound that loiters at the edge of dissonance. Read poetry hand-crafted with all 26 letters.

digitally Handcrafted DESIGN

With over 30 years of design and publishing experience, from pasting-up waxed phototype rolls and halftones, to desktop publishing, I understand books. For me, designing books, whether for the ICA Boston, or small independent publishers, is like making a cutting board or lamp. Each starts with an idea, an image or mood, a sense of place and function. I may keep sharp chisels and a computer in seperate toolboxes, but both feel like extensions of my hands.


I attended a vocational high school and trained as a cabinetmaker. After detours to the Pacific and Indian Oceans, via the Navy, chasing white whales and Soviet submarines, and then owning an underground bookstore, designing books and web sites, I returned to my original love of making beautiful things. I started Aberdeen Wood Shop, my small studio, in the basement of a liquor store in the Aberdeen section of Brighton, Mass. First in a storefront, and now exhibiting, yearly, at the Allston/Brighton Winter Market, my focus remains on making beautiful things for the Kitchen, Office and Home.