Michael McInnis

Designer · Writer · Composer · Woodworker

Raconteur · Part-Time Magellan · Veteran

Let’s talk

about the feel of a matte finish book cover, of the smell of a freshly trimmed walnut cutting board, and of the space that harmony inhabits when it enlists silence and poetry.

words + music

Listen to sound that loiters at the edge of dissonance. Read poetry hand-crafted with all 26 letters.


With over 30 years of design, copyediting and publishing experience I understand books.


I attended a vocational high school and trained as a cabinetmaker. After detours to the Pacific and Indian Oceans, via the Navy, chasing white whales and Soviet submarines, and then owning an underground bookstore, designing books and web sites, I returned to my original love of making beautiful things. I started Aberdeen Wood Shop, my small studio, in the basement of a liquor store in the Aberdeen section of Brighton, Mass. First in a storefront, and now three years exhibiting at the Allston/Brighton Winter Market, my focus remains on making beautiful things for the Kitchen, Office and Home.

Cherry Side table

Handcrafted from salvaged cherry with walnut accent plugs. Only one left. Free delivery to southern New England and New York Metro area. Covid-19 guidelines apply.


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