Michael McInnis
Designer · Editor · Writer · Composer · Woodworker

Raconteur · Part-Time Magellan · Veteran

Let’s Talk about books

I love books. The smell of them, the feel of them, the way my eyes taste them. You can’t judge the quality of writing in a book by its cover, but you can judge a cover by its quality.

Let’s talk about the copyediting and design of your book.

Whether you’ve written a poetry book, a memoir, a novel, or a collection of short stories, let me help you design and edit your manuscript. · If you are a small press, outsource your design and layout work load to me. · There is no guarantee that a book designed by me, with your assistance, will be a best seller. The marketing is up to you. Only you and your publisher know your audience. But your book will stand out from the rest of the hundreds of self-published, small press books published every month. · Now, let me tell you how I can help.


I work closely with authors choosing and designing covers, offering 3 options in the agreed upon formatted size. My layouts are clean and the typography is precise. Heading, chapter, and title typography is chosen to best reflect your writing and style of your book.  After 2 rounds of PDF proofs your book will be print ready. It is up to you to submit your book to CreateSpace, Lightning Source, or a printer of your choice.


My idea of copyediting is to improve the quality of your prose by removing unnecessary repetition, restructure clunky sentences so that they flow more smoothly together. I know the difference between active and passive prose and can help you turn dull prose into something more engaging. I edit for spelling, consistency and conformity within the Chicago Manual of Style, (the accepted standard for the book-publishing industry).


Let’s Talk About You

Now you know what I do, what I can do for you, let’s talk about your needs. Tell me about your project and your goals. Together, let’s design a book that best represents your writing. Together, let’s fix those typos.

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who I am

 After learning cabinetmaking at a vocational high school, I joined the Navy and spent six years chasing Soviet submarines and white whales across the same seas as Melville, visiting the same islands as Magellan, and swabbing the decks and dark alleys of Hong Kong, Subic City, and Nagasaki. · When I got out of the service I founded The Primal Plunge, Boston’s original bookstore dedicated to ‘zines and underground culture. Under the Primal Publishing imprint I published, designed and edited arts journals, literary magazines and books featuring Allen Ginsburg, Charles Bukowski and Eileen Myles among many lesser known authors. · In 2016, I co-founded Nixes Mate, a small press dedicated to “writing that a uses all 26 letters of the alphabet and then some”. In addition to the quarterly online Review, Nixes Mate has published 28 books to date including books by poet laureates and award winning authors. · Now let’s talk about

words + music

The poetry of sound, of harmony, of a chord progression that sounds just right, but loiters at the edge of dissonance. The poetry of the perfect sentence, of all 26 letters, of 50 point words and artisnal lines, hand-crafted, not in academic halls, but in rundown squares before the wrecking ball of gentrification, before the remodel, the repaired plaster where each piece of splintery lath becomes a new fiction.


To craft a cutting board out of pieces of walnut paneling salvaged from a Back Bay brownstone and reclaimed maple flooring from an upstate New York train station; or to make a side table out of a length of engineered and scavenged urban lumber; or to create a lamp out of redwood posts from a dismantled pool house is a mindfulness that muffles the visual and aural noise of the world around us.